Mobile Electronic Filing System Project (MEFS)

According to high demands by the Iraqi National security and CMC to revolutionize the Mobile Operators subscribers’ registration process, Next Generation started building a solution that can meet both the Governmental & Mobile Operators’ requirements.

The solution is Tablet Based with integrated finger print reader device that can capture all subscribers’ information, picture, ID’s, fingerprint & electronic signature, and send it back to the operators Datacenter for Archiving. Zain have about 10,000 Tablets distributed all over Iraq now.

Electronic Vouchers Integrated Distribution System (EVIDS)

Perfect solution that can be used as a management system for both stock and sales of electronic vouchers that includes operators, distributors, sub distributors and retail stores. The system allows selling funds and E-PINS from one agent in the system to the other, and finally to the end user.

It offers a complete sales management system that can manage prepaid distribution starting from the vendor and going to the end user.

E-Voucher Advantages:

  • No printing Costs.
  • Real time Sales Data.
  • No Logistics Overheads
  • Full control over Distribution.
  • Just in time E-voucher distribution irrespective of geographical location.
  • Ease of creating new product and modifying current product.

Femto Cell Project

We started a partnership with NEC to implement NEC’s Femtocell solution in Iraq, in this project Next Generation will be responsible of installation, commissioning, maintenance & operation of both Femtocell Gateway and Femto Access Points (FAP’s).

In Q1 2013 we signed a contract with Zain-Iraq to provide them with NEC’s femtocell solution as the country’s first Femto cell solution.